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i am a 37 year old with three beautiful girls, i want to show them a that they can start a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

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The End of our Journey together

Posted on: November 21st, 2014 2 Comments

It might be the end of the journey for us but we really created strong bonds with one another, ¬†We all had the same goal in mind but got so much more, for that i dont think Slender wonder anticipated when they chose us to be together through this challenge and for that i want to say Thank You! For forwarding us the opportunity to get our life back, our health and our confidence in life itself…..Soo gonna love seeing everyone tomorrow, the only sad part is not seeing Therina, i pray that God helps to keep strong for tomorrow. We gonna miss you very much!!!

  1. 2 Comments

  2. Posted by: Lelanie Venter

    Thanx to you aswell Melanie!!!xx :)

  3. Posted by: Ina Stoltz

    Good luck :) See you a bit later.

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